The country look for girls

The country look is something we’re all familiar with, whether or not we’re able to put our finger on it or not. It’s something that has developed over time, just as with other looks such as the hip-hop look or the preppy look. The country look started out as a[…] Read More →

Buyer’s Guide to Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bikes are a staple as a piece of home fitness equipment. It is more popular than any other. Relatively inexpensive, when compared to other forms of fitness equipment such as rowing machines, treadmills and cross trainers. Bikes are also well suited to low entry beginners as most people can[…] Read More →

Baby Stroller Maintenance Tips

Fabric seat covers Some seat covers can be removed for cleaning Check your manual for washing instructions Make absolutely sure your fabric covers CAN be washed before you start taking it apart, some are not designed for washing Make sure you know how to put it all back on the[…] Read More →

Benefits of Rowing and a Little Lesson on How to Row

Why rowing? Why together? Rowing is tough, like cycling it is a relatively low cost and high reward form of exercise. When you exercise in a group everyone can get a good dose of the feel good hormone oxytocin. I wish I could put that in a bottle and take[…] Read More →